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Video Tells the Story

See why it’s critical to check the age of ALL your alarms! Read More

OCT. 9 – 15

Lesson Plans … Great Prizes for Teachers and Students … Safety Tips & Activities to do at Home!Read More

The ABC’s of Safety

Learn the basics of fire and carbon monoxide and how to share that knowledge with your family Read More


Technology To Keep Your Family Safe

Understand how smoke and CO alarms work and where to install them for optimal protection Read More

Old and New Alarm


Right Alarms Right Locations

Determine which alarms are best suited for the rooms and gathering areas in your home Read More


Your Story Can Help Others Stay Safe

Add your voice! Share an experience or safety lesson that happened to you Read More

Safety 101

The S.M.A.R.T. Rule – Alarms don’t last Forever

Learn the S.M.A.R.T Rule – know when to replace alarms. Read More


The Right Alarm in the Right Place

Just as fires differ, so do smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Read More


Safety from the Attic to the Basement

How to keep your family safe in every room of your home. Read More


In a fire, SMOKE is the greatest threat

Smoke is full of toxic by-products, including carbon monoxide. These poisonous gases are responsible for the most deaths and injuries in fires, not the actual flames.

Tampering with smoke alarms is DEADLY

When you take down your smoke alarm because of false alarms or remove the batteries, your risk of dying in a fire goes up. Photoelectric smoke alarms reduce false alarms.

Your smoke and CO alarms DON’T last forever

Your alarms monitor the air in your home millions of times in their lifespan. Sensors can deteriorate. REPLACE smoke alarms every 10 years and CO alarms every 7-10.

Safety News


Smoke Alarm Challenge Compares Old and New Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm Challenge Provides Telling Reinforcement of Fire Prevention Week ...
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Safety Officer Answers Queries About Installation & Maintenance

Wondering which sort of CO alarm to get, where to ...
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In the Community


Featured FPW Video & PSAs – Never Crossed My Mind Parody

Barrie Fire and Emergency Service kicked off Fire Prevention Week ...
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Massive Kidde Donation Helps Fort McMurray Households

3,000 Smoke and CO Alarms Donated by Kidde for Exchange ...
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Peace of Mind For Your Piece of Heaven

Safety officials are urging all GTA leisure-seekers to think about ...
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Featured Video

Make the Winning Shot for Holiday Fire and CO Safety

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Peace of Mind for your Piece of Heaven

May 18th Cottage Fire and CO Safety launch event at Toronto Fire Services

Safety Stories

I turned the fireplace off and went online to look up carbon monoxide symptoms. EVERY symptom I had was listed.

RCMP Family Was Lucky After CO Exposure

When we moved to a RCMP force house in 2002 we all suffered CO poisoning. Read More

A Very Scary Carbon Monoxide Near Miss

This is the story of what has happened to me. PLEASE read it. It could save your life. Read More

Fire Can Happen To ANY and ALL of Us

My friend’s sister is a media celebrity. She had a fire and lost everything! Read More

Teaching Kids Helped Avert A Possible Tragedy

While in line for a John Mayer concert, our 14-year-old son called. Read More