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Carbon Monoxide Shakes Small Community in BC

- The community of Venables Valley in BC has been shaken by the deaths of four family members due to a carbon monoxide leak. John Gignac, Chairman of the Hawkins-Gignac Foundation spoke with the CBC about the tragedy and what Canadians need to do to protect themselves. Click here to hear the interview. The Hawkins-Gignac Foundation READ MORE
The Silent Killer

TSSA Takes a Page from a Hollywood Thriller Script in New Safety Campaign

- Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and its safety partners (including The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management and Kidde Canada) hope that a new campaign will help reduce the number of carbon monoxide poisonings which continue to threaten the safety of homeowners due to a lack of awareness or complacency. The hard-hitting READ MORE

Masters of Flip and Kidde Canada make Thea’s Dream Come True

- acknowledges this special moment with Kortney and Dave Wilson hosts of the popular Masters of Flip on HGTV HGTV celebs “Masters of Flip” aka Dave Wilson (left) and Kortney Wilson (second from right) surprise super fan Thea (pink hat) as part of their visit to the Calgary Home Show. Thea’s mom Leslie (middle), Thea’s READ MORE
Paramedic preparing the patient after resuscitation for transport to the hospital.

Hawkins-Gignac Foundation Responds to Calgary Incident

- The Hawkins-Gignac Foundation for Carbon Monoxide Education is urging all Albertans to take immediate steps to ensure their household is protected from the “silent killer” following January's carbon monoxide scare in Calgary’s Mount Royal neighbourhood. "The five people who narrowly escaped tragedy today are fortunate. A working carbon monoxide alarm, that is within its recommended READ MORE

Safety Officer Answers Queries About Installation & Maintenance

- Wondering which sort of CO alarm to get, where to install it and how to maintain it? A safety officer answers queries about installation, maintenance Toronto Star, Apr 16 2016 Samantha Hoffman and Jacqueline Kovacs, SPECIAL TO THE STAR You may know that, by Ontario law, you have to have a CO alarm in your READ MORE

New technology helps increase safety for the deaf & hard of hearing

- New technology helps increase safety for the deaf and hard of hearing NewsCanada – Spring 2016 Hearing smoke alarms blaring and escaping a fire is a terrifying experience for anyone. Now, imagine if you are deaf or hard of hearing. A smoke alarm with an integrated LED strobe light has been introduced by Kidde Canada READ MORE

HGTV host says safety is as essential in cottage country as in city

- HGTV host says safety is as essential in cottage country as in city NewsCanada - Spring, 2016 - There's nothing like the first joyous arrival at the family cottage or rental cabin after another long Canadian winter. But before you settle into that hammock or deck chair, one of HGTV's top renovation experts has some READ MORE

Media Release: Toronto Raptors Invite Everyone in Ontario to ‘Make the Winning Shot’ for Holiday Fire Safety

- Media Downloads Launch Media Release will be posted 9:15 am Wed, Dec. 7 Launch Photo 1 Photo 1 Caption: Raptors' stars DeMar DeRozan and Cory Joseph have been named Fire Safety Ambassadors in the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council's "Make The Winning Shot for Holiday Fire and CO Safety" Campaign. #FireSafetyWinningShot Launch Photo 2 READ MORE

How to avoid the ‘silent killer’: An Expert Report

- John Gignac campaigns for CO alarm legislation in New Brunswick as Fire Marshal Douglas Browne looks on. How to Avoid the ‘silent killer’ Toronto Star, Apr 16 2016 - Jacqueline Kovacs, SPECIAL TO THE STAR For many young families, it’s a familiar sound that requires attention but seldom spells life-threatening danger: a toddler crying in READ MORE